Why resistant bands are my BFF!

When you think of your “best friend forever” exactly what comes to mind?

Well, for me a BFF is someone who will always show up for me, without asking a whole lot of questions, and help me stretch into a more “real” version of myself.

Resistance Bands Training with a client on Zuma Breach, Malibu.

The bands do this for me and I feel stronger.  If I only had one work-out instrument to take with me, it would be resistance bands.

My bestie is super-efficient, effective and small enough to stash in my purse!  When choosing the resistance bands you need no heavy equipment and your work-out is literally portable. 

The best part about resistance bands is they fit right into your current routine. For example, if you are currently doing a leg lift, simply add the resistance to increase the benefits of your efforts.  If you are doing squats add a band right above your knees to give a bit of resistance in the range of movement. 

The band applies a steady resistance that asks your muscles to engage from the beginning of the movement through to the end of the movement and the result is more tone and strength without needing to join a gym or to purchase a specific machine. 

The bands are lightweight and versatile, cost effective and available, and let’s not forget … a reliable friend!

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