“Self-love Fascia Routine”

For my dear friends and colleagues, here is my routine, for you all to practice and enjoy, as you de-constrain your fascia and free the blockages throughout your body, mind and spirit.

At the end of your warm shower, turn off the water and apply oil to your skin to begin the self-love fascia routine.

Take the “fascia blasting tool” and then go up and down your calves. Slowly move up your body, section by section as you cover the whole body, forearms, upper arms, and those “mom boulder knots” in your upper back, anything and everything within reach!

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The key is to go with the muscle grain, never across it or in circles. And continue to remember to love on yourself through this process by sending kind, positive, energy throughout supported self-talk and imagery.

Notice how you feel after, and thank yourself for taking this time for self-care and nourishment.  Overtime you will notice a positive change in your body as it thankfully accepts the treatment. Often I feel a relaxed state throughout my fascia, a sense of increased circulation and toned, smooth skin. 



“The Divine Light in me recognizes and see the Divine Light in you.”

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