On the trail, at the beach, let’s take it OUTSIDE!

It’s common knowledge that exercise provides many mental and physical health benefits. But what many people don’t consider is the enhanced effects of an outdoor workout.  Turns out simply taking your fitness routine outside, skipping the parking lots and locker rooms, yields fabulous results.

 “Open air/Green Exercise” 

combines two health-enhancing activities: physical activity and the cleansing effects of Nature.  When we leave the confines of human made structures and allow the sunshine, fresh air and the organic sounds of the Earth to surround us, the effects of exercise are enhanced.  

When a bird crosses our path or a dolphin pokes out of the deep waters, our minds simply stop as we are reminded of our origins.  This pause is something we all need and Nature offers this to us without us even knowing!

Too often we get stuck in our minds – planning our days and striving for our goals.  A quick reminder that we are simply animals on the planet, nourished by the sun and sustained by water, snaps us out of our busy planning selves back to a place were we can simply exist.

I have personally felt the benefits of exercising outside and many of my Bliss Body Sculpt clients also report that taking the routines into Mother Nature enhances their personal experiences.

Think about it – sometimes simply stepping outside can enhance one’s mood, you can take this to the next level and add in a few favorite work-out movements.  

But don’t take my word for it, please try it out. If you feel your outside routine enhanced the outcome of your efforts comment down below.

Each Bliss Body Sculpt session is custom designed for your needs.  I work with clients who are beginners and new to exercise and others who are seasoned experts.  

Let’s get going outdoors and enjoy all that Nature offers!

To book a session out on the trails and beaches click here. 

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