Love on your sore-muscles (and cellulite too)!

It was years ago when I first explored the benefits of fascia blasting.  For those of you unfamiliar with this approach, it is based on freeing blockages that have accumulated in the sheets of connective tissue that exist beneath the skin. These bands help stabilize the muscles and internal organs-  in a healthy body the fascia is flexible. If inflammation and trauma occur then the fascia can tighten, restricting circulation and flow, resulting in pain.

My initial experience was with a “professional fascia blaster.” She vigorously scrubbed my entire body with her long fascia-blasting tool, as I held my breath in pain, with a mindset of “no pain, no gain.”  

I had read that to release the fascia with this technique it could possibly result in the relief of muscle and joint pain, and might significantly reduce cellulite – so it was worth whatever discomfort I had to bear to reap the benefits (or so I thought at the time.)

I continued on with my mindset of “no pain, no gain” until luckily (or maybe due to divine intervention) I found the “Yamas” teaching in yoga, specifically the first one called “Ahimsa” – the practice of non-violence in all aspects of life emotionally, physically and mentally. When we come from a place of loving intentions an amazing transformation occurs, negative aspects are transcended and internal and external peace emerges.

You may be wondering what do Yoga Yamas have to do with fascia blasting?

Well one day while finishing up my shower with the ever so painful, yet result-promising, fascia blasting routine it dawned on me … ” Why on Earth am I scrubbing my body so hard, how can this abrasive approach actually be helping me?”

I knew intellectually that I was doing the technique correctly, as I was instructed, but it just didn’t make sense to me anymore –

Sometimes we simply cannot “chew” what we are “fed.”

What did make sense in my mind was an approach that was soothing, nourishing, and comforting.  I began to try out a different technique, I began to imagine a radiating light coming from my hand through the blaster.

Pleasant, beautiful words entered my mind:

“You are beautiful as you are, in this moment, perfectly you, always changing, getting better, healing and moving toward health – your cells are in perfect harmony.”

So from that day on I began my “self-love fascia ritual” at the end of each shower.

Personally it is very clear to me, we have all beared enough pain. The “get through it” mentality is only sustainable for so long, and then it literally beats you down. 

So why would I choose a method of self-care that feels abrasive and agitating, when I can amend it to an approach that feels nurturing and helps me embrace my essence, while aligning with my original true nature.

To ride out life’s ups and downs while staying grounded in the present moment is my current mind-set and I find it uplifting and extremely positive. 

Life does present ongoing ups and downs. Our challenge is to remain present and enjoy the ride as much as possible by allowing our surrounding to unfold without taking anything personally and without any attachment to the outcome.

Stay present.

Create flow in your own body.

Enjoy the ride!



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