“Forks – Not just for salad anymore!”

When I first heard of tuning “forks” being used to heal the body, I imagined an actual fork, like the kind you use to eat your favorite salad. I wondered how could the same utensil that tossed my favorite spinach, strawberry and tangerine medley create a healing response in my body.  I was curious … maybe tossing, twisting and twirling was exactly what I needed?

I was very pleasantly surprised during my first experience with the forks, that I was not just another Caesar’s salad served table side, instead my body was a slowly emerging canvas of color, accessed through sound vibrations and the ancient, tried and true, art of meridian channel pathways and acupuncture collection points. 

It was during my acupuncture session with Corrie Tappin at Soul Space Malibu, when I first experienced the profound benefits of the tuning forks as she applied the technique to break up accumulated scar tissue.  At the time I didn’t notice any particular difference at the location of the scar, it looked and felt the same, however I definitely enjoyed the resulting feeling of deep balance and grounding.  

At the next session, Corrie was feeling around to decide where to focus the acupuncture session, when she joyfully exclaims:

“Look at this Stephanie, the scar tissue is gone!”

 I look and I am in full and total amazement.  

“No way!” is the only thing I manage as I thought, 

How on earth can a tuning fork clear out scar tissue?

Sometimes we don’t really fully understand the WHY or the HOW, but it’s o.k to readily accept the relief, welcome the change with an open heart, allow the shift to happen, even if we are limited in our ability to comprehend the change we observe. 

I have later come to realize that most of acupuncture, meridian-based modalities, and energy systems, all stem from the same basic principle: 

Pain and disharmony can only exist when the energy is not flowing freely.

After this profound initial experience, I immediately ordered my first set of tuning forks which are the grounding OM 136.1 frequency, they have a weight at the end, as they are meant to be used on the body. 

To use the tuning forks you strike down on the activator and then you simply press the single prong side onto the skin in the appropriate acupuncture areas where you are encouraging freedom of flow and movement.   

Where to place the forks?

Each time I practice the healing tuning forks I rely on my intuition plus the ancient art of acupuncture mapping, to create a session that leaves the client feeling de-constrained and rejuvenated.  Typically I like to begin on the feet, at the “Bubbling Spring” point (KD1). 

This is a great source point to help ground the person and a wonderful way to begin the tuning session.

Next I move my way around the body, following the meridian pathways, searching for areas that feel tight or stuck.  Each session is guided by what is discovered in the individual, no two sessions are ever the same. 

While I apply the tuning forks to areas that feel congested, I draw light and color through my mind’s eye and into the treatment.  The combination of the vibration of the forks and my intention enhances the relaxation response for the receiver. An added benefit is after performing the tuning, I feel uplifted and energized! To me this is the greatest blessing ever and  I am grateful to have found this powerful method to help others feel energized and free.

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